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The Harry Potter LJ Crew

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All Members , Moderated

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This community is for the few LJ elites that have been selected to be part of the Harry Potter LiveJournal crew. Just kidding. The idea for this crew was founded by the wonderful Leah (starstruck__x) and everyone is allowed to join as long as their preferred character has not yet been taken. Then Karrie (myst56) came along and decided that a community should be opened for this crew because we rule. Thus, hp_ljcrew was created.

As mentioned, everyone is invited to join and sign up and is accepted as long as your preferred Harry Potter character hasn't already been claimed. You can find the claiming list here. Only those who have been accepted into the crew will be allowed to join this community but feel free to friend us if you haven't!

1. Please do not spam and fight in this community. Hogwarts is about magical international cooperation amongst ourselves and others as well, so be nice.
2. Anything Harry Potter related may be posted here and you can choose to add in little things about your personal life in here as well, since we become our characters and this community becomes our home, as well. We, however, have personal journals for a reason, so remember that. :P
3. Graphics and fanfictions of any kind are accepted. When posting large graphics or more than three (3) icons, please use an LJ-cut.
4. Make yourself at home!

List is sorted in alphabetical order.
[x] Arnold the Pygmy Puff
[x] Hannah Abbott
[x] Katie Bell
[x] Andromeda Black-Tonks
[x] Regulus Black
[x] Sirius Black
[x] Susan Bones
[x] Mandy Brocklehurst
[x] Lavender Brown
[x] Cho Chang
[x] Penelope Clearwater
[x] Crookshanks
[x] Fleur Delacour
[x] Gabrielle Delacour
[x] Cedric Diggory
[x] Albus Dumbledore
[x] Lily Evans
[x] Fawkes
[x] Arabella Figg
[x] Seamus Finnigan
[x] Hermione Granger
[x] Godric Gryffindor
[x] Rubeus Hagrid
[x] Hedwig
[x] Helga Hufflepuff
[x] Angelina Johnson
[x] Lee Jordan
[x] Viktor Krum
[x] Bellatrix Lestrange
[x] Rabastan Lestrange
[x] Alice Longbottom
[x] Neville Longbottom
[x] Luna Lovegood
[x] Remus Lupin
[x] Ernie Macmillian
[x] Draco Malfoy
[x] Lucius Malfoy
[x] Narcissa Malfoy
[x] Madame Maxine
[x] Minerva McGonagall
[x] Alastor "Mad-Eye" Moody
[x] Moaning Myrtle
[x] Nagini
[x] Theodore Nott
[x] Pansy Parkinson
[x] Padma Patil
[x] Parvati Patil
[x] Pigwidgeon
[x] Peeves the Poltergeist
[x] Harry Potter
[x] James Potter
[x] Rowena Ravenclaw
[x] Tom Riddle
[x] Demelza Robins
[x] Kingsley Shacklebolt
[x] Rita Skeeter
[x]Salazar Slytherin
[x] Zacharias Smith
[x] Severus Snape
[x] Alicia Spinnet
[x] Nymphadora Tonks
[x] Sibyll Trelawney
[x] Dolores Umbridge
[x] Emmeline Vance
[x] Celestina Warbeck
[x] Arthur Weasley
[x] Bill Weasley
[x] Charlie Weasley
[x] Fred Weasley
[x] George Weasley
[x] Ginny Weasley
[x] Molly Weasley
[x] Percy Weasley
[x] Ron Weasley
[x] Winky
[x] Oliver Wood
[x] Blaise Zabini
[x] Ladislaw Zamojski
[Click here to join the list now!]
List is updated periodically as more people join!

Original idea: starstruck__x
Maintainers&moderators: starstruck__x, myst56 & running_shadow
Disclaimer: All Harry Potter characters belong to J.K. Rowling, of course. We just like to impersonate them and stuff.